Bring in more of your BEST clients

from Fearless and Framed®


Bring in more of your BEST clients

from Fearless and Framed®

Imagine being able to photograph freely, preserving your clients’ tangible memories in a way that actually matters to them.

The way her toddler’s hair sticks straight up in the morning.
• Grandma’s quiet smile as she watches her grandkids bake her cookie recipe.
• The high of emotion everyone feels on wedding day.
• The young adult this high school senior is growing into—with a bedroom of organized chaos.
• The lessons we learn in the worst times and the goodness we feel in the best times.

Shooting real stories for clients was Melissa’s ultimate dream as a documentary photographer.

Melissa spent years learning her camera and fumbling through photography styles before finding her place in this big photography industry. Finding documentary photography was like stumbling upon a superpower: the vision to see pure goodness in everyday life.

Everywhere she looked, there was an opportunity to make a photograph—scratch that—an opportunity to savor and recognize the high value in our days that often goes unnoticed and is at risk of being forgotten. Melissa’s gift for documentary photography was like a well-kept secret she had to share with others who were unable to see life’s beautiful moments because of the weight of life and family chaos. Have you ever felt this way?

Melissa felt on fire behind the lens as she filled her portfolio with stories of love, triumph, and connection from people from all walks of life.

This fire fueled Melissa to seek more of her best clients, clients who want her to preserve their unique stories, clients who are fearless in letting her and her camera into their world. Melissa wanted clients who value her work so she could feel fulfilled by her photography and provide for her family at the same time.

Melissa was on a high of passion and liberation in her decision take on only documentary sessions . . . until her dream was crushed after fielding inquiry after inquiry from clients who just didn’t get it. Worse yet, they all seemed to have a zillion reasons why NOT to have a session with her:

“I really want pictures that look like these photos I found on Pinterest.”
• “Why did you include this photo? My son wasn’t smiling in that one!”
• “I want to make sure I look good in these. You can just Photoshop any problems, right?”
• “I don’t know what you’d get at a session in our home. Can we just go to a park instead?”

Melissa wanted to stay true to her documentary mission. She would go months without a client. Then, getting desperate, she would take on sessions that she knew in her heart weren’t a good fit. But what else was she supposed to do? She couldn’t keep turning away clients when she needed the income, especially when she felt bad saying no.

Melissa was stuck. Her dream and her business were going nowhere, and she had no idea what to do about it.

“I’m giving people photos of the things that really matter. Why doesn’t anyone see the value in this?”

Melissa fell somewhere between making her dream happen and waiting for it to happen.

In a blitz effort to be heard without being salesy, Melissa exploded her social accounts with heart-tugging, moment-driven photos meant to “speak to her ideal clients,” plus some booking offers thrown into the mix. Nothing changed for Melissa except for feeling worn out and defeated.

How can I find more of my dream clients AND get through to them?
How can I convince people who say “it costs too much” that capturing lasting memories is worth it?
How can I help people relax and welcome me in when they think it would feel weird to let a photographer into their home for a whole day?

In a quest for answers, Melissa read blog after blog on all the popular photography vendor sites. She’d throw a promo out to her Facebook followers in hopes of getting a new client and spreading the word about her amazing photos.

She took some marketing and photography courses. They should have been a sure thing. But every course lacked accountability, and most were geared towards portrait photographers. None of them gave her the personalization she needed. The courses left her to translate information into actionable steps for HER business . . . alone.

Melissa lost even more hours researching all her options online and ultimately NOT taking the action that would give her business new clients and more income. She was great at posting new images on social media, changing her website layout for the 14th time, blogging personal photos and recent sessions, re-editing old photos just to get a fresh image out there . . . but though she felt busy, her bank account was not aligning with the time she spent away from her family.

The longer Melissa’s business went with few clients, the more her empty calendar ate away at her confidence. Her excitement about her documentary business became a faraway dream labelled “unattainable” or “someday.”

Melissa felt like a failure. She was forced to make the choice between shooting the posed sessions she was working so hard to escape or giving up on her photography business altogether. She just didn’t know how to make it work.

Later, Melissa blamed her lack of business on the usual reasons: “No one wants a session with me.” “No one can afford my prices.” “People don’t want documentary sessions.”

Hi! I’m Marie Masse and I’ve heard stories like Melissa’s over and over again from photographers.

I founded Fearless and Framed® because I’m fired up to help people get intentional about preserving their memories. I have more than a decade of experience in marketing + business, and I’m an actual documentary photographer to boot. Marketing communication + photography is my jam!

“Melissa” is actually based on real feedback from the beta members of this course. Does Melissa’s story remind you of your own struggle to be a documentary photographer?

The thing I consistently hear:
“Where are the clients who value candid documentary sessions?!”

Since 2014, I’ve connected with hundreds of photographers who have said things like,

“I fell in love with documentary photography! THIS is what I was meant to do.”
“I’ve always had documentary photography in my blood, but I never thought I could turn this approach into a business.”
“Thank you for helping me feel fearless enough to stop posing and make more meaningful photos for my clients.”

It feels like other photographers “get it” and our clients just . . . don’t. But if you think every non-photographer you talk to simply doesn’t value documentary photos, the problem isn’t with their opinion.

The problem begins with us.

We know the positive reality of documentary sessions, but we’ve fallen into a world of assumption about what our non-photographer clients understand.

We’re so excited about documentary photography, we barely leave room to breathe as we tell clients how amazing their photos will be. We tell them that we’ll come into their home to capture memories as they happen, and they won’t be posed so their special moments will be totally natural.

Your prospective client nods along and says, “Sounds awesome!” But what she’s thinking is, “Oh, hell no! I don’t want a stranger following me around my house all day like a news reporter! And speaking of my house, doesn’t she know how messy it can get? All I wanted was some nice pictures of my kids!”

It’s our job to bridge the gap in our clients’ understanding of documentary photography. We as photographers have to educate them about our photo session approach so they can understand what documentary photography is really about.

This is an exciting time to be a photographer. You can pave the path for people to be more intentional in paying for photos that go beyond surface beauty, photos that tug at their heartstrings and are filled with life, photos that would otherwise be forgotten. You’re not just a photographer—you’re someone providing a transformative gift.

So where are the clients? All around us. Let’s talk about how to get ‘em.

Everyone says, “If you build it, they will come.”
But there’s one lingering question: How?

Introducing Mastery Moment-Seekers, the industry’s first-ever course specifically for client documentary photographers.

MMS gives you a step-by-step blueprint for marketing your photography using emotion and proven, real client perspectives. In MMS, I don’t just hand you some marketing strategies and walk away. You will implement what you learn right alongside a community of fellow documentary photographers, with opportunities for personal feedback as a part of this learning experience. It’s about action, friend.

You can guide total strangers who have never heard of documentary sessions through a journey that convinces them they’ve gotta have one (without doing any icky convincing). Once you nail how to communicate how you help your clients in a way they believe in to the core, you will finally be the chef of your photography business rather than the order-taker.

No more excuses: Let’s turn your documentary photography into a thriving business.

Imagine having a mentor for the next 12 weeks to push you to whip your business into productivity.

Go beyond just another course (with content for you to digest and figure out on your own). This course comes with friendly accountability from yours truly. I am extending to you an opportunity to be included in my signature 12 week, small group focus calls where MY focus is on YOUR business. I’ll be sure you see results in your number of web visitors, social traffic, inquiries, booked clients, revenue, and watch your confidence increase. How’s that for accountability?

Most courses dump a pile of content on your desk and leave it to you to wade through the information and apply it to your business on your own. Not MMS.

Imagine having a mentor for the next 12 weeks to stand beside you as you whip your business into productivity.

Mastery Moment-Seekers comes with friendly accountability, group support, and time dedicated to implementing everything you’re learning so you can see progress and ask questions along the way.

How’s that for accountability?

You won’t just learn marketing strategies and connect with a community of likeminded photographers; you’ll see real results in the numbers. Increased web visitors and social traffic, more inquiries and booked clients, higher revenue, and best of all, sky-high confidence in your abilities as a photographer and business owner.

On top of all this, MMS will help you drive potential clients from Point A (strangers) to Point Z (repeat dream clients who feel more like friends). Connect with potential clients on a deeper level and you’ll find your inbox magnetic to heartfelt inquiries that are on point with your unique photography voice. It’s like having more of your best clients on demand!

Through this course, I’ll show you that your business dreams are closer than you think. You CAN do this, whether you have all the time in the world with a wide-open schedule or are short on time taking care of little ones or juggling a full-time job. (My littles are 3 and 5, so I totally get having a variety of responsibilities. I designed this course with you in mind!)

My ultimate mission is to help you have more fun communicating the photography you’re wildly excited about in a way that connects you with more of your favorite clients—a long-term marketing plan.

Telling vs. Selling

You know that friend who rambles on whenever she tells a story? Suddenly you realize you don’t know what she’s talking about anymore!

We easily become the rambler when we try to sell. We try so hard not to sound salesy . . . and we do it by becoming givers of information aka information overload. Have you ever been on the phone with an inquiry and thought to yourself, “I really need to stop talking now”? Rambler alert!

Rambling doesn’t only happen in your conversations. It’s in your emails, your social posts, your blog, and even your website copy. This confuses potential clients and repels them.

Mastery Moment-Seekers will teach you the art of engineering what your clients might want into a plan for a session they’ve gotta have. This is selling without doing all the extra telling. This one strategy alone will help you bring in more inquiries than ever before—and turn those inquiries into bookings.

Repel & Hook

The approach is simple: speak their language, build relationships, get booked.

Business is a numbers game and a relationship game. You may hit site traffic numbers by posting photos multiple times a day on every social platform imaginable, but it’s not enough to sustain your business. (Not to mention, it’s exhausting.)

Going door-to-door saying, “Hey, want a session?” may also help you hit your numbers, but imagine the ground you would need to cover before finding someone who says yes. With no relationship to build upon, booking sessions will be tough.

This course will teach you how to listen to your potential clients’ wants and uncover their greatest needs . . . and serve it to them like ice water in the Sahara. Then, we’ll circle back to the numbers side where you’ll learn how to find more results by hitting LESS numbers.

Ignite Your Efforts

This course has been around the block a few times. The beta version first launched in 2015. It’s only grown better since that initial run.

Today, you’ll find a user-friendly course interface and bite-sized lessons with built-in support for all your questions. You’ll close each video eager to get to work. I warn you, however, this is not a race.

Everything you learn in the next 12 weeks will be an eye-opening experience in your approach to marketing. The knowledge will be an asset to refer back to again and again as your business ebbs and flows with growth.

MMS will be what you turn to whenever you need to inject your marketing with adrenaline. Instead of putting off marketing when busy and booked out, then blaming yourself for your empty calendar—again—you’ll be on fire with excitement to execute your marketing tasks in advance.

What makes this course



I didn’t want this to be your typical “here’s the content, go do your thing with it” routine. I wanted to be present with my students each week so I could provide the most enriching, actionable experience possible.

In 2010, I sold nearly $60k in products from a direct sales biz with products averaging $50 and under. I broke a record number of events booked in a single month at 22 (imagine booking 22 sessions in a month—no thanks!).

The knowledge I had was only part of my success. The consistent support, outside perspectives, and encouragement of others was equally important. How did I get this? I was part of a small, 6-person accountability group that had a 90-minute phone call each week.

The accountability group that supported me in tripling my average sales to reach near $60k sales year was the direct inspiration for the framework of this course.

Having this kind of mentoring and small-group support will give you consistent clarity and momentum (no more wasting time reading blog posts with conflicting advice!). You’ll focus on one thing: building a business filled with clients you LOVE working with. Finally, you and your family will get to see the rewards of all the hard work you put into your business.

For 12 whole weeks, you’ll have my marketing brain at your disposal.

I’m in the business-building trenches right along with you. It’s my duty to provide a learning experience built upon my core belief in a support system. Not only will you get the community and accountability of small-group support, you’ll get all of my marketing expertise aimed at helping you build your unique business.

Along the way, you’ll get to bond with other photographers who are working seriously on the marketing side of their business. It’s been amazing to watch my students help each other through feedback in their group. Some of them have even met up in person!

While I can’t promise everlasting relationships, I can tell you that my MMS groups continue their group relationship and maintain consistent communication even after I exit their groups.

The support you’ll find here can make all the difference in your business! You’ll never have to worry that this course will leave you struggling alone.

This is the first-ever marketing course specifically for documentary photographers. The content is fully focused on building a photography business in YOUR genre and niche.

For 12 solid weeks, we’ll work to make your dream
clients’ ears perk up and understand what documentary photography is all about.

“I just need to get my name out there.”

– said too many photographers


Too many photographers place their business dreams on “getting seen” through social media. Here’s the problem: it’s not reliable.

People barely pay attention as they scroll through newsfeeds filled with ads, click-bait headlines, Candy Crush milestones, and their sister’s boyfriend’s mom’s posts about skincare products and essential oils. People don’t care about any of it—and that includes your latest awesome photo.

It’s not about getting your name out there. People do know your name. They know you’re a photographer. They just don’t care . . . yet.

It’s time to shut down your marketing plan of social + blog posting all the dang time in hopes someone will realize they NEED a session with you, like, now. (Be honest: has that ever happened?)

Let’s talk details.

Welcome to
Mastery Moment-Seekers

A 12-week marketing and accountability intensive for client documentary photographers.

Mastery Moment-Seekers is the industry’s first-ever course specifically for client documentary photographers. MMS gives you a step-by-step blueprint for marketing using emotion and proven, real client perspectives. In MMS, I don’t just hand you some marketing strategies and walk away. I’m there for you as you implement what you learn into your business. It’s about action, friend.

You can guide total strangers who have never heard of documentary photography through a journey that convinces them they’ve gotta have a documentary session. The relationships you create will become the foundation of your business. You will finally be the chef of your photography business rather than the order-taker.

It all comes down to the way you communicate.

  • Connector.

    Take this course in three ways, all from the comfort of your home.

    All three options are described in detail below. Everyone gets all the same content, so you will never be penalized for choosing a particular level as far as information provided. Being the third run of Mastery Moment-Seekers, the content is delivered with hearing, visual, and doing learning styles in mind. The primary difference in the levels? Dedicated time with me (Marie). No matter which level you choose, you’ll be supported. Marie is very active in the Facebook Groups to answer your questions for all levels during the duration of the course. Want more personal attention in the work you’re creating or to create content side by side with Marie? One of the Prestige levels for you. You’re a natural do-er and just need questions answers as they arise? Then, you’ll be golden in the Self-Guided Marketing Greatness level.

  • Connector.

    Eight weeks of short, punchy lessons await in an online classroom, accessible 24/7.

    Content is released each week, broken up into three-to-five bite-sized videos. This is a 12-week course with only eight weeks of content. Why? Because rather than shoving content down your throat, I prefer to see you take action. Four implementation weeks are included in the course schedule. Students in each level will receive homework to help you take action and do the work that gets results. What about the time investment? Most weeks, the lessons and actions shouldn’t take more than a few of hours of your time. What if life happens and you fall behind? You’ll have lifetime access to the content and updates to pick back up whenever you’re ready.

  • Connector.

    You’ll begin to recognize passive vs. active actions and watch your productivity rise.

    Busy does not mean productive. I’ll show you which actions will actually help your client pipeline increase and which are just busy work. (Hint: if you aren’t increasing your overall audience by 10–20 potential clients per day, you need this course.)

  • Connector.

    Hello, Return on Investment.

    Buying this course will not make you money or book you clients. But you can return your investment 12x over and beyond when you pair these lessons with doing the work. Mastery Moment-Seekers will show you how to craft a strong marketing message and plan and implement an evergreen sales system to attract more of your best clients. These are just some of the things you can accomplish if you show up to work on marketing your business daily (something you should be doing with or without MMS):• Achieve your goal of making $2k, $5k, $10k, or more each month as you rock your strategic priorities.• Receive inquiries from clients who are already aware of what documentary photography is . . . and already knowing they want it!• See more web and social traffic than ever before.• Convert those new website visitors into a loyal audience that will actually be excited when you run your next promo.• Connect on a deeper level with the people in your community, giving you more confidence and conviction in your documentary photography business. (Hello momentum!)

Course Curriculum

  • Connector.

    Module 1

    Marketing Pre-Game. We’ll talk about time management, your business vision and mindset, being mindful in marketing, and how to market to multiple client types while still speaking directly to each one (and why this can be a game-changer).

  • Connector.

    Module 2

    The Power of Client Knowledge. This module has been a gold mine for MMS students! You’ll learn what information you need to know about your dream clients before you even begin marketing to them. By the end of the lessons, you’ll breakthrough the fear of client rejection and take action to understand their real perspective.

  • Connector.

    Module 3

    Turn Responses into Marketing Gold. Going deeper into client knowledge, we’ll talk about their fears, hesitations, and reasons to object to a session with you . . . and how to transform those negatives into benefits with my personal recipe for creating marketing material.

  • Connector.

    Module 4

    Email Marketing Foundation. As unsexy as it may sound, this is where you begin to take control of your business. No more leaving it up to chance that someone who “liked” your photo will hopefully remember you when they need a photographer. This is the meat and potatoes of what it really means to play the numbers and relationship game in marketing (and how to rock it).

  • Connector.

    Module 5

    Getting Bookings with Your System. You’ll finish your system by creating content to cultivate those relationships you’ve forged in Module 4. You’ll learn how to get potential clients on the edge of their seat as you make a booking offer. It’s not about attempting the sale once, it’s about making a long-lasting relationship so they come back to you, even if they truly weren’t ready for a session today. You will also learn to navigate the tech side of your simple sales funnel.

  • Connector.

    Module 6

    Build Your Audience Like Wildfire. Ever feel like posting to social media or your blog results in crickets? No more. This lesson is all about traffic strategies. The more people we get into your system, the quicker your network will grow. This will allow you to hammer out both sides of the numbers and relationship games in marketing. We’ll talk about metrics to monitor, too, so you can tweak your marketing system until you find your sweet spot.

  • Connector.

    Module 7

    Money, Marketing, & Action. Look at your income potential, create a marketing calendar, set a goal. We’ll talk about other income opportunities in addition to sessions and product sales, and I’ll break it all down into attainable goals set to your calendar. Wondering if you can apply these teachings to your workshop, mentorship program, or ebooks? Hell yes! This is one of my all-time favorite lessons because, aside from the logistics, you’ll learn how you can fit more of your dreams into your real-life schedule. Being an entrepreneur with multiple income streams is easier than you think.

  • Connector.

    Module 8

    Build a Client For Life. I’ll teach you the exact system I’ve used for nearly 10 years to yield repeat bookings, more product sales, more referrals, and even more mentoring clients—and it can take less than an hour a week! You’ll discover exactly how much repeat business you can expect to rely on each month. Imagine that!

  • Connector.

    Implementation Weeks

    Four implementation weeks are included between modules. They are dedicated to give you time to take action on what you’ve learned. You’ll have time to create, share with the group, and gain feedback to remain confident in your efforts.


Mad-Libs Style Email Sequence

($197 value)

There’s a certain structure to blog posts and emails that will help your readers stick with you from beginning to end. Equally important is a framework to taking new subscribers to from strangers to booked clients. But, writing to dream clients shouldn’t be stressful.

This bonus will make email creation feel more like a game of fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs!

With this template, quickly implement the course teachings without getting hung up on your writing skills. Even better, you’ll give new subscribers a transformative experience using marketing strategy powered by your unique voice and messaging.


4 Piece Marketing Toolset

($216 value)

Your marketing system relies on moving, memorable content. The kind of content you’ll develop inside Mastery Moment-Seekers will be pieces of information meant to educate, inspire, and influence your best potential clients into action.

What’s included:

  • Client Guide Template and Session Sparks duo
  • Real is the New Perfect Quiz for new, past, & potential clients
  • Client Testimonial Maximizer

Instead of re-inventing the wheel entirely, these 4 pieces will help you create compelling content that speaks to the deepest desires of your potential clients while simultaneously growing your email list and taking subscribers on a journey. You can buy these items in the F&F store, but get them free with immediate access inside of Mastery Moment-Seekers.


Marketing For Photographers Who Don’t Wanna Niche
Video from Kyla Roma

Kyla has a serious talent for getting to the core issues that will compel your audience (I should know—she was my business strategist for almost a year!). She’ll show you how to effortlessly market to all of your client types, even if you don’t want to box yourself into a niche. Pure gold.


Who is Kyla Roma ?

Kyla Roma is a digital strategist and business coach who teaches gutsy small business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to shake off uncertainty and confidently grow their business.

She helps clients uncover unexpected opportunities, create profitable systems, build community and double down on their strengths. Her step-by-step and measurable approach makes social media, content marketing, business growth and digital strategy less stressful and more profitable. Learn more at


12 weeks of LIVE weekly calls with Marie

(Value: Priceless)

These calls are the heart of the program according to past students! The Mastery Moment-Seekers program is limited to only 20 students (two small groups of 10) so that I can give each of you my personal attention over the next 12 weeks.


During our small-group calls, we’ll cover your personal challenges and questions. I’ll help you gain clarity on your strategic priorities so you know exactly what to work on in the upcoming week. How’s that for a personal touch? If you’ve struggled with fast-paced courses in the past or get stuck wondering “Is this right?” every time you have to make a business decision, the Prestige Accountability Group is your place to get feedback from someone who actually listens and who understands your business. My goal is to help you find solutions and clarity quickly so you can get back to doing what you love: being a photographer.


Virtual Content Creation Bootcamps (4)

($1,200 value)

Creating content can feel like the beginning of a fitness experience. Like your muscles, your content ideas and communication may feel weak at first. This is normal.

During the Virtual Content Creation Bootcamps, you will blitz content creation together (this is having support and feedback while you create).

These are organized office hours together to create the content needed for your marketing system. Marie will also be present to help you work through ideas or get feedback on your content all in the name of fine-tuning and up-leveling your creations.

This bonus is a new addition to MMS. Here’s the thing: some businesses learn the strategy, but come to a screeching halt when face to face with ACTION. Excuses arise and time scheduled for content creation never becomes a priority. Here, we’re taking action together.


Personal Marketing System Review

($500 value)

If you create and set up your marketing system by the end of the course, you can submit your entire system to me for a personal review and action plan. I’ll use my marketing expertise to suggest an action plan that propels your system even further and gives you confidence in the impact your system can make in your business.

I’ll point out your strengths and weaknesses; look for message cohesiveness; evaluate your copy, storytelling, and graphic design elements; and determine your potential influence based on your offering and calls to action.


LIVE 1:1 Virtual Writing Retreats with Marie (3)

($4,000 value)

For the first time ever, Marie is offering 3 VIP seats where she will write pieces of your content with you. If you’re brand new to creating content for your business or the thought of creating content is totally intimidating, you’ll love your 1:1 Virtual Writing Retreats with Marie… 3 of them to be exact!

Some students get a little stuck on what to say or what the BEST content should be. No one’s got time for that! Marie’s strength in marketing is pulling out the what-to-say from your business desires paired with the needs of your dream clients. But it doesn’t stop there – during these LIVE 1:1 Virtual Writing Retreats, Marie will write pieces of your content with you present as she draws from your voice to make high-impact, personal content.

Not only is this an actionable experience, but this is the ultimate learning experience. Content Marie will help you create can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Emails within your email sequence
  • Web pages (About page, Sales/Investment page, etc.)
  • Social posts
  • Lead Magnets and landing pages

Entry to win a 2 Hour Photo Critique with Kirsten Lewis

($349 value)

Enroll in Mastery Moment-Seekers, any level, by the end of day January 31st, 2017 and you’ll be entered to win one of FOUR 2 Hour Photo Critiques with world-renowned family documentary photographer, Kirsten Lewis.

Rocking your marketing plan AND the opportunity to visually take your photography voice to a more impactful level is a pretty enriching experience, don’t ya think?!

Winners will be announced via email once Mastery Moment-Seekers enrollment closes.

Kirsten is a family photojournalist based in Denver, Colorado however her work brings her all over the world, from New Zealand to Dubai, Brazil to Canada, Italy to Hawaii. Although she has been shooting for over fifteen years, it was teaching on Creative Live that really brought her approach to documentary family photography to the forefront as a desirable alternative to the traditional family portrait. She has been mentoring photographers internationally not only within family photography, but a coach guiding them to find their own unique voice by embracing their personal experiences and encouraging them develop a personal point of view. Kirsten’s talks are known to make you laugh one minute and tear up the next, inspiring her listeners to go confront their fears, identify their insecurities and push forward. Despite the many accomplishments including being regularly featured on the Huffington Post, interviews around the world and listed as one of the top 100 photographers on Fearless Photographers, it is her role as a mother and wife to her daughter Byrdie Mae and husband street photographer Gregory Bethmann that brings her the most pride and joy. Well that and any Scrabble victory, which are countless.


Which level is for me?

Option 1: Self-Guided Marketing Greatness – This level is for the do-ers who are ready to up their marketing game and find their dream clients in a way that works. The Self-Guided Marketing Greatness level includes an active Facebook group with plenty of student-led feedback and support. You’ll get all eight course modules and weekly recorded Q&A sessions with Marie during the course for exceptional support. We’ll communicate mostly through our Facebook group with built-in accountability prompts.

Option 2: Prestige Accountability Group (Limited to 20 seats) – The Prestige Accountability Group is for students who want an extra dose of the power of accountability. You’ll receive all the same perks as the Self-Guided Marketing Greatness students, plus you’ll be part of a weekly conversation about your business with Marie and up to nine other photographers. You’ll see the true power of accountability in your business as you join with Marie and your small group to finally get things done and see results.

Option 3: VIP Prestige Accountability Group (Limited to only three seats) – You’ll receive all the benefits of the marketing course, an accountability team, and individual attention designed to take your photography business to new heights. Starting at week 5 in the course, you’ll join Marie in three two-hour virtual retreats to build your marketing system together. That’s you getting personalized advice, one-on-one time with Marie, and Marie taking care of some of the writing and tech stuff right there with you. It’s about getting sh*t done.

When are Weekly Calls for the Prestige + VIP Students?

All calls are held on Thursdays.

Morning Group:
10 a.m. Eastern (Detroit/New York)

Evening Group:
8:30 p.m. Eastern (Detroit/New York)

Check my local time.


Self-Guided Marketing Greatness


Entire 8 Module Course

Lifetime Access to Content & Updates

Accountability Group Facebook Community

Marie will jump into your Facebook Group for Q&A throughout course

Bonus: “Mad Libs” Style Email Sequence Template

Bonus: 4 Piece Marketing Toolset

Bonus: Marketing Video from Kyla Roma

Bonus: 4 Virtual Content Creation Bootcamps (Small Group)

Bonus: Personal Marketing System Review from Marie

Bonus: 3 Days of Live (Virtual) Writing Retreats with Marie (1:1)

Two options to join:
$149/mo for 4 months
Save $85 and Pay in Full

Get on the Wait List

Prestige Accountability Group
5 Seats Left


Entire 8 Module Course

Lifetime Access to Content & Updates

Accountability Group Facebook Community

Weekly 90 minute Small Group Accountability + Q&A Call

Bonus: “Mad Libs” Style Email Sequence Template

Bonus: 4 Piece Marketing Toolset

Bonus: Marketing Video from Kyla Roma

Bonus: 4 Virtual Content Creation Bootcamps (Small Group)

Bonus: Personal Marketing System Review from Marie

Bonus: 3 Days of Live (Virtual) Writing Retreats with Marie (1:1)

Two options to join:
$337/mo for 4 months
Save $149 and Pay in Full

Get on the Wait ListGet on the Wait List

VIP Prestige Marketing Group


Entire 8 Module Course

Lifetime Access to Content & Updates

Accountability Group Facebook Community

Weekly 90 minute Small Group Accountability + Q&A Call

Bonus: “Mad Libs” Style Email Sequence Template

Bonus: 4 Piece Marketing Toolset

Bonus: Marketing Video from Kyla Roma

Bonus: 4 Virtual Content Creation Bootcamps (Small Group)

Bonus: Personal Marketing System Review from Marie

Bonus: 3 Days of Live (Virtual) Writing Retreats with Marie (1:1)

Two options to join:
$375/mo for 6 months
Save $300 and Pay in Full

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Is this course for me?

This course is NOT for everybody. It’s for documentary photographers looking to take control of their business, with the expectation of some trial and error, in order to find their communication sweet spot. It’s for business-minded photographers looking to build a longterm marketing plan flexible to their evolving voice.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • you’re looking for something to spike your income in one full swoop, get lost.
  • you are cynical and negative about taking action and control of your business to see results, this course is not for you.
  • you quit when you don’t see results over night
  • instead of being resourceful, you can’t lose sight of your personal roadblocks (time, skill weaknesses)
  • you cannot dedicate 2-3 hours each week to listen to the teaching, do your assignments, and be on the accountability calls (if you choose Prestige)
  • you see your business a job and don’t want to have more creative freedom and connection with your clients
  • you need your hand held… I offer an immense amount of support, but I won’t do the work for you.

This course IS for you if:

  • on your inquiry calls, you feel like you have to convince or convert every potential client from a traditional portrait session to a documentary client. And if you’re doing it unsuccessfully, you NEED this course!
  • you feel like marketing is overwhelming… so you just don’t do it.
  • your marketing plan consists of blogging recent sessions, personal projects, and sharing photos on Facebook or Instagram and *hoping* for inquiries… you definitely need this course.
  • you feel like when you do market that it’s a waste of your time since blogging, social posts, or emails to your audience is followed by silence.
  • you’re tired of discounting sessions or giving away freebies JUST to get clients in the door.
  • you think you know who your target market is, but the reality is that you have no idea. (Hint: a family, specifically a mom, with little kids is not enough)
  • you are tired of reading blog after blog, trying to decipher the advice to best fit YOU and your business on your own, and need accountability to take ACTION
  • feel like no one wants documentary-style sessions (so untrue!)
  • feel like you need to find a way to stand out from the sea of many local photographers you compete for business with
  • overall you know where you want your business to go, but you have no clue how to get there
  • you like to make doing business fun and want to feel a part of a small, intimate team working to empower each other

Ask yourself this: What will happen if my marketing actions don’t change?

If at anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase, you decide this course isn’t for you, our support team will give you a full refund when you show us you’ve done all the work through Module 2.

There is truly no-risk here.

Dive into the course, do the (fun) assignments, and I have no doubt that you’ll stick around… and wish the course wasn’t ending by the time we’re through. It’s THAT good!

Take Mastery Moment-Seekers:

a Marketing & Accountability Intensive for Documentary-Style Photographers

Marketing Greatness

$149/mo for 4 months
Save $85 and Pay in Full

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Prestige Accountability Group

$337/mo for 4 months
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$375/mo for 6 months
Save $300 and Pay in Full

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Student Praises:

“Marie asked me questions that really made me think and dig deep. I am now able to verbalize my message and I know exactly how to clearly communicate it to my potential clients. Although I have yet to tweak my website to include my “why”, this has already helped me SO MUCH when talking to potential clients on the phone. In fact, just the other day I was talking to someone who said she just wanted a few “smile at the camera xmas card portraits”, and in the end she decided she really wanted photos of her family just relaxing together on a Saturday morning (woohoo!). Before this course I would not have been confident enough to walk her through my process and get her envisioning the photos she REALLY wants of her family. So anyways, that one booking already paid for this course!”
Hannah Cross

“If you really apply yourself and put in the work that is required you will definitely see the return on your investment. Since taking the MASTERY MOMENT-SEEKER’S COURSE I have received 6x’s return on my initial investment solely on new bookings and that was during the 3 month course! I reached a lot of business milestones, like having my highest paid invoice paid to date and I already have sessions booked for 2016.”
Eboni Rivera

“I was able to convert a portrait client into a documentary client… and booked her!”
Khalilah Hall


Mastery-Moment Seekers offers a 30-day guarantee. Complete the lessons and assignments up through this point and you’ll be given a full refund. Why do I require the work? Because we don’t want you to spend your money on something you’re never gonna use. That said, I know once you get started, you’ll be hooked on the community inside this course, stay committed, and feel the sweet reward of a deep connection with your first clients from your new marketing system.
Yes! Each level has a monthly payment plan for your convenience. You can pay in full and save a little dough, too. The choice is yours.
All calls are held on Thursdays beginning 2/9/17 through Thursday, 4/27/17. Each small group of 10 will be committed to one of the following time options:

10:00 a.m. Eastern (7:00 a.m. Pacific, 3:00 p.m. London)
8:30 p.m. Eastern (5:30 p.m. Pacific, 10:30 a.m. Australia next day)

Absolutely! Even if you choose NOT to participate in the weekly calls, you’re still getting the Virtual Bootcamps, the small group Facebook community, and the full system review with Marie—AND you can still upgrade to the VIP Marketing Group to have one-on-one writing retreats with Marie.
You don’t have to be a natural-born writer to make your content connect with dream clients. Mastery Moment-Seekers walks you through building pillar content: five or six pieces of well-written content that gets at the heart of what your dream clients want and educates them about documentary photography in a way they can understand.

You will have to do the work of writing, but you’re not alone. MMS gives you plenty of support through the Facebook community and the Mad-Libs Style Content Swipe File. Students who want extra writing help can always sign up for the Prestige Accountability Group (with LIVE Q&As with Marie and a personalized Marketing System Review) or the VIP Marketing Group (with a virtual writing retreat with Marie).

Mastery Moment-Seekers is about setting up a marketing system that sets a foundation for your entire documentary photography business—and that includes a website and email service provider. While you will have to get your hands dirty with a bit of tech work, the MMS course offers plenty of resources to help you learn the skills you need.

You can also turn to the Facebook community for help if you run into trouble. And if you’re really worried about a lack of tech skills, you might want to consider signing up for the VIP Marketing Group level so you can get Marie’s help during your virtual writing retreat.

For real though, will this course really help me?

At the end of the first run of the course, I sent a questionnaire out to the students for their honest feedback. Each of these students are MASTERY LEVEL students and I’m excited to share their experiences with you. For me, I wanted to know what their fears and insecurities going into the course were and exactly EVERYTHING that has been developed from this course (because it’s not always all about making $… sometimes there are more internal development wins that are of vast value).

Take it from them:

Do you feel you had sufficient support throughout the course?

Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES! Without a doubt Marie has provided so much support to me especially during the times when I felt like throwing in the towel because of personal reasons. I am in awe of how she was able to devote so much time to support me (as well as the others in the group) in such a personalized fashion. Her support words of encouragement and brainstorming conversations helped me find creative alternatives around all the road blocks that were clouding my judgement. – Eboni

I really do and I saw it happen with the other students too. I personally have a hard time being super participatory in these types of settings (online, not in person) because I am such a face-to-face people person and feel really awkward in an online setting + it takes me a while to trust others to be able to put myself out there and ask for support. The phone calls were really helpful in getting to know you and trust you (and the other women), by being able to hear and connect on a more personal and human level. – Beth

The support and Camaraderie was amazing! Everyone always willing to help others out. No one held back. It was like our own little family 🙂 – Linda

What made you say “Yes” to the course?

The accountability that the calls provided, along with the small group size was my biggest selling point. Its not just that I wanted to learn new info from you, but I really needed someone to listen to my ideas and help me focus on what I needed to be working on. I was pretty much sold when I got that initial email honestly. But after our 30 minute call and really hearing how you were interested in my story and really cared about my success, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the perfect opportunity for me! – Hannah

The weekly check ins are also what I felt could keep me on track (and they have!). I didn’t want to start off all ‘yahoo’ and then fizzle out in the middle or end and not accomplish what I said I wanted to. The accountability call ins are really fantastic for that. – Stephanie

Marie lives and breathes growth. Her positive and truthful attitude about the true work that it takes made it seem doable. – Khalilah

What makes this course different than other marketing courses out there?

I took a marketing class previous to this one and although I learned some great content in that class, I really had no idea how to apply it specifically to MY business. There was so much info that I became overwhelmed and I ended up never getting through all the content. The accountability and individual help in Marie’s course was EXACTLY what I needed. It really felt like I was getting one-on-one mentoring with Marie (but I didn’t have to spend anywhere close to that kind of $$$$). – Hannah

This course was really ingenious compared to other courses. Instead of just jumping into marketing and how to get a bunch of followers, Marie really helped us to look at who we are as photographers and how to really get to know our client. Only after that did the marketing aspect come in to play. She really focused on helping us learn how to build a lasting intentional business. – Beth

You didn’t just give us ideas you showed us how to implement them. – Meghann

One major difference is the calls. Hearing the content, PLUS hearing everyone else’s questions and your responses was HUGE and greatly impacted what I’ve been able to take away from this course. There were things I never would have thought to ask (until several months down the line when it would be too late), and having the group call really allowed me to learn so much more. – Stacey

How do you feel about your knowledge in ongoing marketing efforts moving forward?

I am SO MUCH more confident about my marketing efforts after taking this course! I used to be paralyzed into inaction because it was all just too overwhelming. There were too many things I wanted to do and I didn’t know which ones to do first. But now, not only can I see my long term plan, but I also know exactly what steps I need to be taking to get myself there. My business ideas and “to-do’s” are much more organized and clear now! – Hannah

Before the course I can’t say that I had any clue about any of it or how much of the business end is about marketing. I always figured it was book keeping and taxes, keeping your records straight and making sure clients got their stuff in a timely manner. I had no idea that there is so much behind the scenes psychology involved. I know for sure the course will help me in the long run. – Stephanie

Marie’s outlined a plan in a very attainable way. I feel like I have enough information going forward. Putting the work in is all that’s left. – Khalilah

And because I’m gonna put it ALL out there… I asked this: What do you have to say about me as an instructor? (Do I ramble, say an annoying phrase, please tell me)

You can definitely get on tangents, but I kind of like that about you because I have always learned something through those even if its not what you had intended to say. – Beth

You are EXTREMELY generous with your knowledge. I never feel like you’re holding back your secrets. You’re well prepared and organized. I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought and time into the course work and I can appreciate that tremendously. The calls were always beneficial and I learned a lot. I didn’t find anything you did irritating or annoying, lol. You teach the way I teach–down to earth and straight forward. – Stephanie

LOL no you are not annoying If anything I learned from you it is “accountability” You are a tough teacher! But in a good way. You kept me on track, focused and a few times I know I should have been on time out! Your enthusiasm and your wisdom makes me want to do better in my business. You are a great teacher and have found your calling, so thank you! – Linda

You are a good instructor, open and willing to share hits, misses, content, and strategies. Easy to understand and present topics and examples clearly. You were very present in the group which was a great benefit. – Nicole

Marie definitely rambles a bit, but it’s a good ramble I promise. She goes off on these tangents that makes learning from her a more comforting and personal experience, think more along the lines of girlfriends chatting rather than a professor teaching from a script. Hearing her own personal stories and experiences of what has worked for her and what hasn’t really has helped to get my creative juices flowing. – Eboni

A few final course-thoughts from students:

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this first run. I have learned so much from your wealth of information and I love that we will still have the other members of the group to continue our journey’s alongside one other. Your desire to see other photographers succeed is so evident and encouraging. Had I not taken this course, I would still be bumping around having no idea what I was doing and no direction. Seriously, a huge heart-felt thank you to you! – Beth

I thought the course was great, and exactly what I needed in terms of specific, practical, and applicable lessons to improve my business. I feel so much better about my business and where I’m going now than I did 3 months ago, and would not be in this position without this course. It was definitely money well-spent. – Stacey

I cannot rave enough about how much this course has helped me with my business. I have been struggling for years with increasing my bookings and within this short space of time I have booked more clients than I would’ve even thought was possible. I’m really excited to see what next year will bring when I am actively implementing all of the information I’ve learned from this course. There is a bond between my course-mates and I that will continue on even after this course has been completed – I truly believe that! – Eboni

These students have really summed up in 3 little words:

Fun, Impactful & Intimate

and I hope you’ll join me!

Take Mastery Moment-Seekers:

a Marketing & Accountability Intensive for Documentary-Style Photographers


$149/mo for 4 months
Save $85 and Pay in Full

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The Prestige Marketing Group

$337/mo for 4 months
Save $149 and Pay in Full

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The Prestige Marketing Group (VIP)

$375/mo for 6 months
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